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Sports and Recreation Facility Usage Policies

Zee Allred Aquatics Center

*All swimmers must have a valid and current Chapman University student, staff, or faculty ID card to use facility.
*The pool is only open during regular posted “Open Recreation Hours
*No person may use the pool unless it is open and the lifeguards are on duty.
*No food or drinks (including gum) allowed in the entire pool area.
*No bikes or skateboards allowed on the pool deck.
*Proper swimwear is required at all times.
*No pets are allowed inside the fenced pool area.
*Radios or loud speakers are not allowed on the pool deck.
*Those in the pool area are required to obey the lifeguards at all times.
*No one with open wounds, cuts, or skin infections will be allowed in the pool.
*No use of the diving boards at any time.
*Do not walk on or swim underneath the bulkhead at any time.
*No running at anytime.
*Diving is only allowed in the deep end of the pool. 
*No sitting upon another person’s shoulders while in the water.
*No abusive, offensive, or profane language will be permitted.
*Hanging on the lane lines or goals is not permitted.
*When jumping or diving into the pool you must always be facing the pool.  No jumping or diving in backwards.
*Please put back any equipment you use and place back in the equipment room.
*No more than 9 people can use the spa at one time.
*No more than 650 people can use the pool at one time.

Holly and David Wilson Field Rules

*May only use field during “Open Recreation Hours
*No equipment on field unless approved by Chapman Athletics
*No food of any kind which includes gum and sunflower seeds
*No drinks other than water
*No smoking, open flames or fireworks
*No glass containers
*No digging or driving stakes into surface
*No vehicles on field other than for approved maintenance
*No bikes, skateboards, roller blades or skates
*No marking the field with chalk, paint, etc.
*No climbing on goal posts
*No pets

Chapman Tennis Courts Rules

*Must wear tennis shoes with none marking soles
*Can only use tennis courts during "Open Recreation Hours"
*No gum on courts
*No food or soda 

Harold Hutton Sports Center Rules

*May only use gym during “Open Recreation Hours” or by participating in Intramurals
*Must have a valid and current Chapman University student, staff, or faculty ID card to use facility.
*No food or drink other than water
* Must wear proper athletic shoes
*No hanging on rims